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Quick & Reliable Logistic Company

Quick Haul Express Ltd. is a transportation company that provides its customers with great security, facilities, speed, etc. We strive to achieve what no other transportation company can possibly provide its customers with and that is the 'entire package'. This includes

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • On Time Delivery

Meeting and going beyond your transportation requirements between key Canadian and US cities is a core service of our company.

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At Quick Haul Express Ltd. our mission is to succeed where no other can. This means providing reliability & security to all of our loyal customers while also efficiently offering quality solutions that will enhance your company's bottom line. Quick Haul Express Ltd. exceeds our customer's expectations in the transportation of goods. We deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in transportation and logistics.

H.Randhawa, CEO
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We Offer Quick & Better Solution For Transport

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